Stabilized soil mixing station operator should have the following three conditions:

1, to grasp the basic knowledge and concrete-related. 2, understanding the purpose and function of concrete mixing station in various sectors as well as mixing station function of each control component. 3, concrete mixing process understanding and manipulation of process mixing station.


Professional staff will make you more sand and cement mixer js1000 used in concrete mixing plant secure manipulation in the future operation of the project, the more assured, more peace of mind. The concept of professional staff and manipulation of mixing station function of each control component must be clear, precise manipulation of order and skillful manipulation procedures delineated to grasp. The only way to accurately handle emergency situations in appearing when thrown avoid manipulation errors resulting in stabilized soil mixing station equipment damage and material loss.

Material supply system

Cement from a storage hopper to weigh meter conveyor using screw conveyor, conveying capacity of 30t / h; weighing bucket of cement to the stirring barrel feeding also used screw conveyor, conveying capacity of 30t / h; aggregate (sand Stone 1, stone 2) After the cumulative count measurement to the mixing tube feeding through conveyor. Belt conveyor using a new conveyor belt with a skirt, and with a crosspiece article to improve the tilt angle and transport capacity (250t / h). Water Distribution System

Water distribution system consists of tanks, additive tank, filters, pumps, additive pump, worm precision flowmeter, pneumatic rubber lined diaphragm valves, water distributor and other components. Water (additive) flowing through the meter when the meter impulse impeller rotation, issued a pulse signal, and handed control of electrical appliances, so as to achieve the purpose of measurement. And in accordance with the ratio requirements, timing, quantity of water and add to the stirring cylinder admixtures.

Metering System

The machine is equipped with two levers that are used in cement and aggregate weighing weighing. It works by three levers weigh hopper passes to the material quality of steel lever dial, pull the cam rotates, low consumption used 1000l cement mixer for concrete plant the sector gear drive the small gear, fixed on the pinion pointer along with a regular rotation, Weighing in on the dials indicates the value. Dial set oil damper to prevent the flow of aggregate or cement to produce a pointer to swing. In order to achieve the purpose of automatic weighing, the pinion gear on the potentiometer shaft, rotation of the pinion gear driven potentiometer option, through the operational amplifier circuit potentiometer output voltage and the operation panel given voltage value is compared, when the operation plate supporting a given voltage is greater than the potential of the output voltage, Doumen open, start weighing; when the voltage balance, weighing over. Weighing Accuracy: aggregate of ± 2%, cement ± 1%. Water and admixtures with volume measurement with an accuracy of ± 1%.